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The Real Hydrafacial now in West Little Rock Arkansas
Facials / Peels / Masks / Lymphatic Drainage 

Only the official Hydrafacial can offer you the ultimate experience and results you deserve and expect. From deep cleansing and antiaging for face, neck, and hands, to lip enhancing and acne treatments, The Official Hydrafacial is the only patented choice. Our trademarked process of Unique Vortex-Fusion® Technology delivered via patented HydroPeel® tips to exfoliate, extract, and hydrate skin is the best choice and the reason Spa ONE selects only the Number ONE solutions for our clients. 




Glow n Go

First, receive a professional analysis. Enjoy a relaxing steam, cleanse, and hydrate in 45 minutes. Take a nap or simply relax, unwind, and rejuvenate your skin. Extractions are performed by request. You may choose your products used from our natural products line or our Obagi Medical line. 

$55 - $49 THIS WEEK!

Call 501-646-5634 



Dermaplaning removes those tiny hairs on the face and provides an excellent surface for product penetration and a smooth makeup application.
$80 / OR, $35 with any Facial


Acne / Mad Skin Facial
Are you sure it's acne or mad skin? Let our professionals provide a quality analysis. Based on your needs, we will use our natural line or Obagi line of products. We include blue light therapy to help destroy acne causing bacteria.
$80 Call 501-646-5634 



Chemical Free Results Raw Blue Agave Facial 

Winner of the Think Dirty 2020 Dirty Thinkers Choice Award for Best Mask!  (Natural Ingredients)

Begin with Steam Cleanse, Extractions, and the incredible red agave mask!

This mask, developed with pure raw blue agave, rich in glycolic acid, penetrates the skin quickly and easily, helping manage the appearance of oily skin while giving life to dry, dull skin. Raw blue agave has a robust hydrating quality, making skin appear plump + reducing the appearance of fine lines. Fortifying this formulation are19 botanical extracts, aiding in increasing skin tone, glow, firmness and smoothness. Hyaluronic acid + AHAs increase hydration and texture. We don't finish there! Enjoy a relaxing face, neck, arm, and hand massage to totally unwind. 


Call 501-646-5634 



Chemical Free Results

Fossilized Algae Facial

Begin with Steam Cleanse, Extractions, and the incredible all natural fossilized algae and mud mask! 

A silica-rich mud mask made from fossilized algae that instantly restores the smoothness and radiance of the skin. Its insanely creamy texture immediately melts into skin — infusing it with powerful moisture-boosting lipids. Natural mineral exfoliation helps buff away dead cells polluted by toxins, visibly improving skin’s health and vitality in as little as one application. We don't finish there! Enjoy a relaxing face, neck, arm, and hand massage to totally unwind.


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Address age spots, lines, acne, dry, or mad skin with The Official Hydrafacial! 


The Official Hydrafacial

Cleanse + Peel / Extract + Hydrate / Fuse + Protect - ALL IN ONE without downtime!

Imagine the benefits of a deep cleanse, microdermabrasion, peel, extraction, and ultimate hydration all in one session within 3 steps.

Uncover a new layer of skin with exfoliation and resurfacing. Remove debris with painless suction. Enjoy deep penetration of moisture to hydrate and plump the skin. Saturate your skin with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow. 
Enjoy real immediate visible results! Once you know, you'll never go back to traditional facials again!


40 Minute Hydrafacial Signature

$150 NOW  (Regularly $200)

Call 501-646-5634



One Hour

Everything from the Signature Hydrafacial PLUS

Choice of Booster + LED / Blue Light Treatment 

This time we begin the detoxification process with Lymphatic Drainage. Follow with deep cleanse, light peel, vortex suction painless extraction.  The Boosters provide a high level of results for aging, spots, pigmentation, rosacea, acne and more - a customized booster makes a significant difference. Finally we deeply hydrate the skin as only an official hydrafacial can.
Finish with a massage of the head, shoulders, arms, and hands. 
$250 NOW! - Regular Price $360

Call 501-646-5634 

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